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What are the key points to know during the process of a household sweat steaming room.snorkel stove for hot tub.submersible hot tub wood stove

2023-08-26 attribution:News

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  1. After the household sweat room is customized, it should be placed for 2-3 days. During this period: no one or object is allowed to enter the room for the first three days, or the ground electrical stone bricks may become loose. From the the fourth day, you can enter the room for cleaning and other finishing work; Within 2-3 days, the sweat steaming room should be kept dry and ventilated. The specific method is as follows: turn on the temperature control switch on the wall every day, work for 2 hours, then open the door and open the exhaust fan. This can remove moisture from the sweat steaming room, prevent unnecessary losses such as lines and mats getting damp and moldy, salt crystals getting damp and dissolved.

  2. During the customization process of household sweat steaming rooms, it is strictly prohibited to directly rinse the floor or walls with water. The correct cleaning method is: wall cleaning: use a dry cloth to wipe. Ground cleaning: First, use a damp cloth (based on the standard of not being able to wring out open water) to wipe until clean, and then use a dry towel to wipe until the ground is dry. In daily operation and use, a large amount of sweat often flows onto the ground in the sweat steaming room. The staff should clean it promptly with dry towels.

  3. When customizing a household sweat steam room, it must be built by a company with construction qualifications and specialized in sweat steam room decoration. It must be able to provide decoration contracts and relevant qualification certificates, as well as the source of materials and inspection qualification reports. If not provided, the fire protection will not meet the requirements.

  4. It is prohibited to carry metal items or electronic products other than personal jewelry and locker keys in the household sweat steaming room. Due to the fact that tourmaline is an ore with a surface carrying micro current, a micro current of 0.06MA flows on its surface to prevent the accumulation and discharge of micro current between metal and tourmaline, which can harm normal cells in the human body. Electronic products (such as mobile phones, watches, game consoles, tablets, etc.) may accelerate aging or suffer damage under the radiation of far-infrared electromagnetic waves in the sweat room, and even have the risk of explosion.

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