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Shenzhen Bropool Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in sauna equipment. We are capable of manufacturing the best kind of traditional, infrared, outdoor sauna, hot tub and cold plunge tub. Bropool Sauna make sure to provide the exact sauna room you desired.

If you have your own drawing design and want them to be implemented, please send us your designs. We know what most right for you!

we were devoting ourselves to providing our customers with the most professional swimming pool, SPA and sauna equipment. We engage in establishing high reputation brand and long cooperation relation . Welcome all of you come to visit.

Sauna Series

Steam sauna

A steam sauna is a type of sauna that uses steam instead of dry heat to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared light to produce heat.

Outdoor sauna

An outdoor sauna is a type of sauna that is designed to be used outside, typically in a backyard or other outdoor space.

Wet sauna

A wet sauna is a type of sauna that uses steam to create a humid and warm environment.

Sauna accessories

Sauna accessories are items that are used in conjunction with a sauna to enhance the sauna experience.

Steam generator

A steam generator is a device that is used to produce steam for use in a steam sauna or other application.

Sauna heater

A sauna heater is a device used to heat the air inside a sauna. Sauna heaters can be powered by electricity, gas, or wood.

Sauna stove

The sauna stove works by heating stones placed inside the stove, and the heat from the stones is then transferred to the air inside the sauna.

SPA Series

Wood fired hot tub

A wood-fired hot tub is a type of hot tub that uses firewood as the source of heat.

Electric heater hot tub

An electric hot tub is a type of hot tub that uses electricity as the source of heat.

Stainless steel hot tub

A stainless steel hot tub is a type of hot tub that is made of 304 stainless steel.

Hot tub wood fired stove

A hot tub stove is a heating device used to warm the water in a hot tub.

Pool Series

Cedar cold plunge tub

A cedar cold plunge is a type of cold water therapy tank made of cedar wood.

Inflatable cold plunge tub

An inflatable cold plunge is a portable and convenient option for cold water therapy.

Stainless steel cold plunge tub

A stainless steel cold plunge is a type of cold water therapy tank used for recovery and wellness.

Foldable cold plunge tub

The folding bathtub can be folded into a 2 in thick style in a few simple steps, and is equipped easy storage.
Popular Product


Hot yoga has been around for years and has been a beneficial tool for physical, mental, and spiritual connection.


Nature Sauna is the first full spectrum and traditional sauna of its kind. that it combines full spectrum infrared technology with a traditional heat sauna stove.


The outdoor barrel sauna uses a single layer of red cedar for interior and exterior surfaces, red cedar wood is great for retaining heat and warding off the cold.


Perfect complement to sauna houses. Commercial grade designs for any use: individual, family, group use, or professional facilities.
Why choose us ?

Canada Import Wood

It uses Canada red cedar and hemlock wood for the sauna room. Ensure that every sauna room uses the world’s high-quality wood materials.

Original Sauna Design

Bropools sauna has a professional and innovative 3D design team with more than ten years of experience in sauna design and development.

Intelligent Technology

Bropools sauna uses advanced technology, and insists on adopting international advanced production equipment and standards to produce sauna rooms.

Custom Projects

From sauna project investigation, product installation, to project delivery, we provide you with completed OEM & ODM & custom services.

Quality Control

Bropools Sauna has passed ISO9001 quality control certificate.

Professional Sales Team

Bropools Sauna offer 7×24 hours service, we will reply to you within 24 hours.



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