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Custom cold water bathtub


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Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer in the United States regarding a custom cold water bathtub. Let's take a look at our discussion process.

This customer has a special interest in cold water bathtubs and desires a unique custom-made bathtub. They inquired about our ability to meet their customization requirements. We assured them that our company provides ODM and OEM services, allowing us to design and manufacture cold water bathtubs according to the customer's specifications. This response greatly satisfied the customer, and they expressed their interest in our professionalism and services.

During further discussions, the customer expressed a particular preference for the material used on the top of the bathtub. They desired the use of premium-grade cedar or pine wood to enhance the texture and aesthetics of the bathtub. We assured the customer that we would use high-quality cedar or pine wood to create the top of the cold water bathtub, ensuring a remarkable texture and visual appeal.

The customer also mentioned specific functional requirements for the cold water bathtub. We introduced our 4-in-1 cooling system, which can both cool and heat the water, and is equipped with WiFi functionality for remote temperature control. We informed the customer that we could provide them with a 4-in-1 cooling system to meet their needs.

Furthermore, the customer had specific requirements for the filtration system of the cold water bathtub. They wanted an efficient filtration system that incorporated ozone sterilization technology to effectively eliminate bacteria and ensure the safety and hygiene of the water. We assured the customer that our cold water bathtubs feature a 20-micron paper core filtration system and are equipped with ozone sterilization technology to maintain high-quality and safe water.

Lastly, the customer discussed pricing and emphasized the importance of reasonable and competitive prices. We assured the customer that we would provide a fair quotation, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining reasonable prices while delivering high-quality cold water bathtubs.

Through our communication, the customer developed a strong interest in our company's services and product quality, expressing a desire to collaborate with us. We sincerely appreciate their support and trust and promise to manufacture a cold water bathtub that meets their expectations with professionalism and efficiency. We eagerly look forward to working with the customer and providing them with a unique and premium cold water bathtub.

Now, let's appreciate the marvelous effect of this cold water bathtub together! This custom-made cold water bathtub features a top made of top-grade cedar or pine wood, showcasing a breathtaking texture and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the built-in 4-in-1 cooling system not only provides cooling but also heating functionalities, along with WiFi capabilities for convenient remote temperature control. The bathtub is equipped with a 20-micron paper core filtration system and ozone sterilization technology to ensure crystal-clear and safe water quality. This cold water bathtub will provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and relaxation.

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