Cedar Cold Plunge

Benefits of a Cedar Cold Plunge

A cedar cold plunge is a type of cold water immersion pool that is made from cedar wood. It offers a natural and rustic look that can blend well with outdoor surroundings. Here are some of the characteristics and benefits of a cedar cold plunge:

  1. Durability: Cedar wood is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, making it a highly durable option for outdoor use. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its structural integrity for many years.

  2. Aesthetics: Cedar has a natural beauty and warmth that can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The natural aroma of cedar wood can also provide a therapeutic effect that enhances the experience of cold water immersion.

  3. Low maintenance: Cedar wood requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. It can be left untreated or finished with a protective sealant to preserve its appearance and durability.

  4. Health benefits: Cold water immersion has been shown to have several health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and boosting immunity. A cedar cold plunge can provide these benefits while also offering a natural and relaxing environment.

  5. Customization: Cedar cold plunges can be customized to fit any size or design preference. They can also be equipped with additional features, such as jets or lighting, to enhance the experience of cold water immersion.

  6. Eco-friendly: Cedar wood is a renewable and sustainable resource that is environmentally friendly. Using a cedar cold plunge can be a responsible and conscious choice for those who value sustainability and natural materials.

Cedar Cold Plunge Types


Sauna Room​

Salt Room

Cold Room

Hot Tub

Cold Plunge

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