Wet Sauna

Wet Sauna Room

The modular design of Bropool steam room is available in a range of sizes to suit all home and commercial needs. Each Panel is constructed from strong, high tech, vacuum formed acrylic capped with a special ABS material that resists scratching caused through general use, ensuring both the appearance and longevity of the cabin.

Each Panel is supplied ready to assemble; roof panels curve to ensure that the condensation built up in the cabin can run naturally along the panels, seat panels are pre-formed and ergonomically shaped ensuring user comfort.

Which Is Better Steam Sauna Room?

Compared with the dry heat of the sauna, steam bath, it appears much more mild and humid. In a confined space of acrylic or ceramic room, the temperature between 35-55 ° c (95-130 ° F), humidity is maintained at 100%, as the mist like wet steam filled the entire space, soothe your body in a unique aromatherapy fragrance slowly warming to the spirit of deep relaxation, the full expansion of the pores of the skin in warm, and allowing you to enjoy a thorough sweating. skin excretion beauty.

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