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This hot balanced yoga sauna is a great tool for getting a maximum benefit from your workouts! It can be used for all kinds of exercise, not just for yoga.

As the leading manufacturer of hot balanced yoga sauna in the United States, it was our duty to make a sauna designed not only to accommodate wheelchairs but durable enough for commercial use. At a fitness center, we are redefining hot yoga! 23 Ultra-Low EMF Far Infrared Heater panels provide maximum coverage and absorption of infrared light. Tuning the frequency of the human body’s own output of far infrared light in the form of body heat you will maximize your benefits in the shortest period of time. Yes of course, the Sauna is complete with starlight chromotherapy lighting for skin rejuvenation. But …..can you say chakra meditation? The color therapy not only helps your skin it can assist in balancing those pesky out of balance chakras. The sauna room is the best of the best and we aren’t going to talk about meditations, yoga or other fitness without offer a sound system to improve the experience. That’s right using BlueTooth and 4 dynamic speakers you can rock out or zone out. The interior LED soft-touch panel allows for easy temperature control. With our Easy clasp design, assembly takes only an hour once the panels are staged. Make sure you have helpers and give yourself a few hours for assembly the panels are oversized and heavy. Do measure the path to your saunas final destination to make sure that the large oversized panels can fit downstairs, around corners or through narrow hallways or low ceilings.

  • 8 Person Capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 87″ x 75″ x 87″
  • You must be able to walk around the sauna during assembly.
  • You must have a minimum of 10″ above the sauna for assembly.
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 83.5″ x 70.5″ x 80.7″
  • 23 Commercial Grade Ultra Low EMF BioPhoton Nano-Carbon™Heat Emitters
  • Bluetooth auxiliary connection with 2 Dynamic Speakers
  • Interior and exterior LED control panel
  • Star Color therapy lighting
  • Bronzed Tempered glass door
  • Wheel Chair / Walker Ramp
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Roof Vent
  • 100% Solid Grade A Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • Electrical service: You will need 3 dedicated 120V/20amp circuits
  • Please Note: This sauna is not ADA compliant
  • Clasp together assembly
  • Weight: 920 lbs


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