Plunge Pools

Cold Plunge Therapy Pools

Cold plunge pools are a European phenomenon dating back to the Romans. People of the past enjoyed the sensation of going from an intensely warm environment to a chilly environment in a matter of seconds. People of today understand the health benefits that are associated with such a dramatic change in water temperature. Cold plunge pools accompany spas, saunas, or steam rooms. Cold plunge pools are kept at a constant 50 to 55 degrees. By rapidly cooling the body in the cold plunge tank, blood circulation is stimulated, pores are closed and detoxified. Cold plunge pools also numb the joints and are effective in reducing pain and relieving muscle spasms. These cold plunge tanks are an ideal option for athletes, sports facilities health clubs, educational campuses or the homeowner looking for the best in total wellness either inside or as a backyard cold plunge.

Plunge pools are intended mainly for the sauna services as a form of cooling the body after warming the surface of the body in a sauna.

Pools are connected to the flowing supply of cold water (cooling bath) or have their own circulating water technology (cooling pool).

The intention is to have the coldest water in the pool in accordance with the principles of sauna rules.

There are skimmer pools for private clients and grooved pools for public sector.

The optimal water temperature is from 8 to 12 °C. 





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